Multifunctional Smart Door
Lock Manufacturer

  • Dongguan Central&China Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with a specialization in smart lock technology. Our TINYUET brand smart locks are designed with many different high-tech security functions to provide safety and convenience to your home. We can produce locks with utilities such as fingerprint recognition, touch screens, password locks, smart card recognition, voice control, Bluetooth remote control, and more. Some of our designs come with multiple security functions that optimize the lock to the fullest extent. If you cannot find the exact type of lock you are looking for, we can provide you with fully customized smart locks based on size, color, and smart lock function. Details

    TINYUET can independently finish the design, assembly, sell, installation and after-sales maintenance of every smart lock, we are capable of customizing smart locks with different function, different appearance and different dimension for you.